4 practical ways to empower your employees

April 15, 2021
Yaslyn Sahota

Have you had a positive employment experience from an Inspirational Manager or Inclusive Leader? 

A great Manager or role model can be someone you look up to for advice, guidance or support. Perhaps they possess strong organisational, communication, and team-building skills. 

Let's discuss inclusive leadership, which I would define as an individual who encourages creative collaboration across teams and departments in a company. Somebody who treats you fairly, equally and makes you feel comfortable enough to feel yourself. 

How would you define inclusive leadership?

According to Harvard Business Review, what leaders say and do makes up 70% difference as to whether an individual reports feeling included. This matters because the more people feel included, the more they speak up, go the extra mile, and collaborate.”

I experienced inclusive leadership when my Manager educated, inspired and empowered me to become the version of me and reach my full potential. I hope that this example resonates with you and reminds you of a similar experience. A role model, who you looked up to, learnt new skills from, developed your knowledge and enhanced your overall experience.

The peoplespace, state that “we link inclusion to diversity but it has much greater implications to engagement, collaboration and innovation.”


As a self-starter Digital Marketer, I was fortunate to have an amazing Inclusive Leader as a manager I could both trust and confide in. We both gained each other's trust, she was very flexible and understanding of my needs. She has empowered me to become the person I am today which I am grateful for. My overall confidence has grown which has helped me to progress in my career.

Skills, opportunities and innovation  

With the support, encouragement and direction from an Inclusive Leader, I developed many digital skills. Examples include; HTML, SEO, project management, content creation, collaboration, communication and relationships with stakeholders. My Manager referred to me as the ‘Digital Guru!’

When I achieved milestones, she was proud and optimistic which motivated me to continue to enhance my digital skillset from my co-workers, on training courses and individual learning.  

I was given numerous opportunities to attend training courses, centre launches and events. In one to one meetings, we discussed my plans, career goals, other skills and training that I would like to develop. An example was the PRINCE2 project management training course that I completed, which helped me to manage my workload and multiple projects. 

Encouragement, Resilience, Progression and promotion 

Her goal was to inspire me so that I would feel motivated to learn and enhance my skill set, to ensure I was well equipped with the right knowledge and experience - the true mark of a great Inclusive Leader.

This has worked successfully as I have utilised and applied my skills in companies to progress in my Digital Marketing career. 

This led to a nomination by my manager as a finalist for the graduate placement award at the annual employment and volunteering awards. Thereafter, I received a promotion from a Digital Marketing Assistant to a Social Media and Digital Marketing Officer by both my Manager and the company Director which I was very pleased about. 

Creative ideas and collaboration

Team meetings took place in comfortable, safe and creative areas to generate innovative ideas and to encourage teams and departments to collaborate on digital projects. My manager was protective of her team members and me due to the nature of the digital demands that the role involved. 

Her ability to lead and communicate effectively helped her to carry out marketing tasks on behalf of departments strategically. This helped the marketing team with the implementation of processes to manage marketing activity efficiently. Her well-honed organisation and team-building skills enabled her to be inclusive of team members in a fair and equal manner where people felt motivated, confident and supported in their roles. 

As a Graduate Intern, my manager ensured that I felt secure and relaxed when I worked alongside colleagues on projects such as; the WordPress web migration task with the web developer. My Manager supported me to learn and develop my digital skills and grow in the company, which made her an amazing Inclusive Leader and role model. This made my job enjoyable and a huge learning experience. She was a manager that went beyond her role and five years down the line, we still keep in touch. 

What other traits would you define as important for an Inclusive Leader to have?

Never stop learning!

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