UpSkill Digital's Commitment On Building An Inclusive Landscape

October 27, 2021

UpSkill Digital are committed to building more inclusive environments, through our work with organisations we have provided learning programmes that support change and create opportunities where everyone can thrive. We are taking this a step further and focusing on the wider communities by supporting initiatives and organisations that are working to shift the dial. 

There is a marked lack of support, access and education available around key topics on inclusion and mental health and this fuels our passion to do more and to see the change we know is possible. This perpetuating issue is seen across the board, but has been highlighted by the The Mental Health Foundation with its research that Black minority ethnic individuals are 40 per cent more likely than their white counterparts to come into contact with mental health services through the criminal justice system.

Given our commitment and the overwhelming evidence around the lack of support within the mental health sector, UpSkill Digital have partnered with Black Minds Matter to bolster their work in tackling the stigma around mental health, racism and discrimination, social and economic inequality within the Black community. Black people are more often than not under supported when it comes to mental health issues and are disproportionately more vulnerable to mental illness. As part of our efforts in Black History month we will be donating 3% of our profits to this amazing organisation. This issue is not one that is easily solved and so we will continue to provide this support throughout the rest of 2021. 

To celebrate our organisations coming together, and to raise more awareness around the work that is being done as well as all the work that we still have to do, we will be hosting a fireside chat/panel discussion with Gori Yahaya CEO of UpSkill Digital and Agnes Mwakatuma co-founder of Black Minds Matter, including a few other individuals on the 18th November to discuss issues surrounding mental health within the Black community.


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