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We build confidence across teams through digital empowerment

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COVID-19 has forced industries and organisations to innovate at a rapid pace and pivot business models online. This has placed greater emphasis upon digital skills, exposing knowledge gaps in the process.

To combat the digital skills gap, UpSkill Digital have designed an innovative and exciting way to develop the digital skills sets of your staff. Using the latest cutting edge technology, we create learning experiences that foster awe and excitement, boost collaboration and enable us to drive real change across organisations.

Workforce reskilling programmes

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For Organisations

We equip internal workforces with knowledge and skills by designing training programmes that compliment existing processes and cultures.

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For Society

We equip brands with the platform necessary to translate their values into impactful programmes that help them invest in, and transform, society.

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Blended learning journey

Create a blended, comprehensive and engaging digital transformation experience or select an individual delivery method from those listed below

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Instructor-led training

Either delivered virtually or in-person. Provides attendees with expert guidance and real-time feedback in a supportive environment.

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eLearning/LMS solutions

Enables learners to take control of their self-development journey, test their skills regularly and learn whenever they wish.

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Immersive learning

VR and AR solutions provide learners with the opportunity to simulate real-world solutions in a controlled environment, developing both confidence and competence.

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Mentoring and coaching

In order to ensure all learners receive the training they require and want, we offer mentor coaching hours via our virtual learning environment.

Our Approach

Learning experiences that stick

Our learning experiences sit in the sweet spot where industry-leading learning design meets a global ecosystem of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and trainers and perfectly blended delivery.

Our collaborative process

By incorporating the fundamentals of design-thinking in your approach, you can create content and deliver sessions with your audience’s needs as your fundamental driver.

Global localisation teams

Making content local goes so much further than translation. We work hard to make sure that our training programmes resonate with the local audience and market whilst still upholding the global standard of excellence that we are renowned for.

We have a network of industry professionals that are passionate about sharing their knowledge.

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Upskill your in-house trainers

We pass on our knowledge and experience to other businesses, trainers and facilitators to create and lead their own high-quality memorable learning experiences.

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