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Join a Government-funded programme designed to equip learners with the skills, knowledge and experience to secure digital roles.

About this Skills Bootcamp

This Skills Bootcamp in digital marketing and web design is an exciting 4 week programme designed to equip learners with the skills, knowledge and experience they need to secure digital roles. Learners will receive a mixture of hands-on training, 1:1 mentoring from experts, masterclasses and flexible online learning. 

This Government-funded programme provides an in-depth insight into the worlds of digital marketing, UX and web design, data analytics and employability skills training. On top of this, learners will have the opportunity to work on a client-facing project to further develop their industry experience. 

At the end of this free 4 week programme, learners will receive a guaranteed interview and potential job offer, enabling them to put their new skills to the test in the real world! This training is available to learners at all stages of their digital journey- there is no prior knowledge required. We’ll equip you with the knowledge, experience and confidence to thrive in the digital world. 

To participate in the programme, you must be London-based. The fourth cohort will begin its digital journey on February 21st 2022. There are limited places so get in touch today for more information and to secure your place!

To be eligible for this programme, you must not be in full time employment or full time education and you must be London based. The minimum age requirement is 19 years old and there is no upper age limit.

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Outcomes of this Skills Bootcamp

How much does it cost?

The programme is funded by the government and is completely free for learners. 

How long will it last?

Our Skills Bootcamp in digital marketing and web development lasts 4 weeks.

When does it begin?

The fourth cohort of students will begin their journey February 21st 2022.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for this programme, you must not be in full time employment or full time education and you must be London based.

Hear what previous participants have to say!

"I am very glad I joined Upskill Digital’s Skills Bootcamp. Not only have I gained more skills, but I have also been empowered with more confidence about my abilities to succeed in the digital world. This bootcamp has not just been training for me, but it has been a life changing experience."

"I came into this with some anxiety and felt I was jumping into the unknown. On the final day of the course I have left with budding friendships, connections and a path that I can explore more and pursue. There is a sadness it's all over, but there is a future I can take steps into. The course gave me insights, angles, great tips and shortcuts needed to pursue a career in this field."

"Amazing group of instructors who were very eager to help with any problems."

"My course teachers were amazing and would take time to answer all my questions. They were always full of life and so positive; I wished all courses had people like them to help others feel and do better! Thank you for this course!"

"This bootcamp is an amazing course to get to know the basics of Digital Marketing and implement what you learned in order to build your confidence and teamwork skills. Very supportive and great at answering individual questions and provide advice on issues. I'll definitely recommend this to my friends."

"I've absorbed so many interesting learnings throughout and taking that into a week of goal-setting and mindset choosing was perfect. The presenters and facilitators have been spot-on all the way through"

"I loved the course!"

"I'm very happy that I attended the Skills Bootcamp! It was a great experience where I gained more knowledge of both Digital Marketing and Web Development that will help me with my own business as well as with future employment. I got to meet and work with a lot of talented people and put knowledge into practice. All the trainers were professional, knowledgeable and helpful. They managed to create an environment where I felt comfortable to engage and ask questions. The mentoring sessions helped me with my entrepreneurial and professional development. Overall, this course was really worth the time investment!"

"An engaging course with fun and knowledgeable trainers. The mentoring sessions were incredibly invaluable. Highly recommended!"

"UpSkill Digital made me feel very comfortable and were always there to answer questions when required. It's been great for my self-confidence, especially after completing the course, and the best part of this course is the very passionate lecturers who give it their all."

"Informative, up-to-date and relevant content being taught in a relaxed and professional manner which kept myself and my peers very engaged. The project work helped us put our skills into practise from what we were being taught during the week."

"I absolutely loved this course and learnt so much about myself and digital marketing. This has really broadened my skills and I feel confident to pursue it further within my career."

"Before I started the course, I was apprehensive after a couple of distance learning experiences that were rather flat and in the end, counterproductive. The Upskill Digital bootcamp zapped that caution on day one and over the 4 weeks, has given me a huge boost of vitality.
Thank you all."

"Incredible experience you won't regret!"

UpSkill provides the best training to rise up in the digital world. The support provided is very genuine and they go out of their way to provide the best help to their candidates.

"Brilliant course, couldn't recommend it enough!"

"It gave me a pointer on how to get into the marketing or IT industries, and the staff are nice and cooperative."

"Exceeded my expectations. Deep personality reboot - at least for me. Highly recommended."

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