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As the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, Adidas have successfully navigated the shifting retail climate of the last decade by putting social media at the heart of their wholesale and consumer sales, and marketing strategies. However, keeping their employees’ skills up to date and relevant in the ever evolving digital world, has been one of their biggest challenges.

Adidas wanted to ensure their wholesale activation team members were at the top of their social media game. 

So, they turned to UpSkill Digital.

It was clear from the beginning that this was about more than just adding to their employees’ skill set; it was also about building their confidence and enhancing their digital resilience. This combination of skills, confidence and resilience would be paramount for company – and individual – growth.

UpSkill Digital worked closely with key stakeholders from Adidas’ L&D and management team to lay out five key objectives for the employee training. Team members would receive a comprehensive and inspirational programme; delivered by one of our charismatic social media experts; helping them better understand social media landscape, content and personas, paid social, KPIs, and measuring techniques. Following each session, attendees were provided with the tools they’d need to put these new skills into practice, everyday.

With the help of another external coach, we were able to support a class of mixed-ability pupils, ensuring each learner got the very best from the sessions. UpSkill Digital are proud to say that attendee satisfaction was 100% and all expectations were met.

It’s safe to say that by creating a truly bespoke experience – based on learner and client needs – that UpSkill Digital empowered the Adidas team to excel in their work. Get in touch with UpSkill Digital today to see how we can help you inspire and educate your employees.

“Really interesting and engaging. 100% improved my knowledge and will implement these tips in the future”

Adidas Wholesale Activation Team

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We transform your workforce by delivering diversity and inclusion programmes, digital skills and talent as a service