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Imagine if overnight all your customers were prevented from using your services or buying your products. What would you do? Because that’s what happened to the UK hospitality sector when in early 2020 Covid-19 lockdown restrictions came into force across the UK. Suddenly, thousands of pubs, bars and social clubs were instructed to close in an attempt to slow the infection rate. The hospitality industry was in trouble. But the lockdown decision didn’t only cause problems for those on the front line. It also affected third-party suppliers like BT Sport who provide an important service to thousands of hospitality businesses by enabling them to stream live sporting events and generate footfall in a highly competitive industry. BT Sport understood if it still wanted a client base post-pandemic, then it needed to support its customers during this difficult time. The global media company turned to UpSkill Digital for help.


BT Sport tasked UpSkill with delivering a series of digital training sessions designed to help the industry increase its online presence and encourage customers to return once the lockdown restrictions were lifted.

But how could BT Sport deliver their impactful digital training to a remote mixed-ability user base while remaining respectful and empathetic to their difficult situation? 

UpSkill had the answers.

By understanding both BT Sport and its client’s needs, UpSkill built and delivered a series of engaging, bite-sized videos educating hospitality owners in practical ways they could boost their online presence to stay both relevant and visible to their customer base.

With a complete service requiring bespoke script development, talent direction, safe filming, professional editing, and national distribution of BT Sport branded video content, UpSkill met both BT Sport’s and its client’s needs head-on.

But it didn't end there. To support the engaging video content, and to compound impactful learning, UpSkill also designed and built a virtual training platform incorporating interactive online chat using YouTube Live.

This meant hospitality business owners could engage with BT Sport’s digital experts in real-time and enhance their learning experience through a genuine sense of belonging as they connected with their immediate community. UpSkill also made sure no business owners missed out by making the content easily accessible after the live event through a free digital on-demand service.


Thanks to UpSkill’s impactful and inclusive bespoke digital training package, thousands of BT Sport customers across the UK were able to better connect with their customers and boost the chances of their businesses surviving. The project also helped BT Sport themselves secure future revenue by ensuring its client base remained loyal during a difficult period.

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