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BT Sport
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Due to COVID-19, BT Sport wished to develop resources aimed at publicans to ensure they could exit COVID-19 in best possible position by maximising their presence online. Through a blended learning solution of video content and virtual trainings, the UpSkill team navigated tight deadlines and stringent government guidelines to deliver resources with clear learning outcomes in a highly impactful and empathetic way.


To support BT Sport publicans during COVID-19, UpSkill Digital was asked to create a blended learning solution consisting of virtual training and video content.


Managing the entirety of the production process, UpSkill Digital created 5 x 3 - 5 minute video pieces complimented with a strong presense of BT Sport branded motion graphics to bring to life the cotent in an actionalable and engaging manner. From script development, talent direction and ensuring that all UK goverment guidelines were adhered to, the content was shot by a small UpSkill crew.
To support the video content, UpSkill created a virtual training programme through YouTube Live. Allowing the audience to interact through the chat, ask questions and recieve additional resources, participants recieved an enriched virtual learning experience as well as tools and techniques to be successful in what was/is challenging times.


Thousands of publicans across the UK viewed the video content acquiring key takeaways to exit lockdown in the best possible position.
Hundreds of publicans tuned into watch virtual training with the opportunity to play back the training at their own pace.