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When choosing diversity and inclusion training, you probably want the best. Right? You want a partner that understands how to build, deliver and measure effective learning, no matter how difficult the subject or experienced the learner base.

So how about a partner that helped do just that for senior business leaders in a national organisation? One responsible for driving diversity and equality across major blue-chip corporations such as Aviva, Deloitte, Linklaters and Microsoft?

Training leaders

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) is a genuine force for good in the world. As a not-for-profit membership body, it promotes and monitors inclusivity, diversity and fairness across British industry by harnessing the collective voice of over 190,000 businesses. 

CBI also lead a significant initiative: the ‘Change the Race Ratio’ - a UK wide campaign to increase racial and ethnic representation in the workplace. For CBI, diversity is about more than box-ticking. It’s building real inclusive workplaces by educating and empowering leaders at all levels to deliver fundamental business transformation. But that isn’t all. 

CBI is the leading voice for the ‘Change the Race Ratio’ initiative. This means its senior leaders must be educated to the highest standards if they’re to influence diversity and inclusion initiatives in British business. UpSkill Digital had to get this right.

Tackling inequality with actions, not words.

Because UpSkill trainers are expert educators, and because they’ve delivered meaningful diversity training to thousands of organisations, they understood changing entrenched culture, even in a large forward-thinking organisation like CBI, meant more than quoting statistics or lecturing learners about race. It was about tackling inequality head-on with actions, not words. 

To address the issue, UpSkill both built and delivered six bespoke training sessions to solve diversity issues at all levels. By educating CBI leaders about the mechanics of inclusion, and explaining how recognising, challenging and delivering diversity transformation would require specialised approaches from different levels of management, our trainers were able to help CBI really understand diversity at its core.

By taking part in a host of interactive exercises, senior business leaders at CBI were able to improve their ability to both identify and challenge diversity issues across the board. Now they’d been shown the inner workings of real diversity beyond a superficial box-ticking exercise, they were better equipped to address complex issues with confidence and ultimately drive more inclusive leadership and better race representation in a courageous manner.

CBI leaders reported back with an impressive 80% NPS score 

When the training was over, CBI leaders reported back with an impressive 80% NPS score stating they felt they were now better equipped to understand diversity on both a macro and micro level, why inclusivity was more than just hitting quotas, what a real inclusive leader looked and acted like, and how to confront difficult diversity issues with confidence.

“This was so insightful and engaging and provided some great tools to take away and use to improve my ability to be an inclusive leader.” Fiona Hamilton, Head of Financial Services (CBI)

If you’re serious about diversity and inclusion training in your organisation, and if you want to solve the issue at a fundamental level, then UpSkill Digital could be the answer.

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