Google Digital Garage | Maximise Reach through Partnerships

The Google Digital Garage is a Grow with Google programme providing  free digital skills training to jobseekers, small businesses and entrepreneurs across the UK. As a key delivery partner, UpSkill Digital has supported Google in reaching people all over the country, providing in-person training for free, to the people who need it most. 

Through the Google Digital Garage on Tour, and a combination of local and national partnerships with organisations and charities, we have delivered in-person training to tens of thousands of people across the UK,  with close to 10,000  people trained 2019 alone.

But in 2020, when all in-person events were suddenly cancelled, how could we continue to offer this invaluable service; helping people realise their digital and career goals; whilst still including project partnerships?

Enter UpSkill Digital.

Using Upskill Digital’s  optimised outreach programme, Google Digital Garage  joined up with the likes of Media Trust, Chelsea FC Foundation and Black Pound Day, as well as the DWP and Visit England, to train 16,560 attendees across 197 webinars.

The pivot to online meant that we could work with a wider range of partners; reaching a larger audience; and focus on helping those SMEs, furloughed workers and job seekers most affected by the pandemic - in line with Google’s wider commitment to help one million small businesses stay afloat from June 2020 onward.

In order to provide a more personalised experience, UpSkill guided partners through the whole process - from choosing topics, to creating a marketing plan - whilst ensuring alignment with Google branding.

Google Digital Garage now offers a trainer-plus-moderator combination for their webinars, so attendees can both train and interact as they need. This webinar approach has been so successful in reaching the wider audience it aimed for; the model has now been carried through to partnerships established with other organisations and networks.

For UpSkill Digital, it has been a joy to support Google’s work  with such a broad range of partners - including some smaller organisations like the Niyo Enterprise and YSYS - both forming, and growing, long term relationships. We are committed to closing the digital skills gap, so to see the real-time impact that these webinars have on business and individuals is hugely rewarding. 

The 66 partnerships that brought this accessible training to the UK community, continue into a brighter 2021.