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Lloyds Bank Group
The UK is facing a critical problem: a shortage of digital skills. Even if your workforce or local community are already tech-savvy and digitally literate, the pace at which technology moves today means they need to constantly upskill just to keep pace. Digital learning is no longer a destination, it’s an ongoing journey. Lloyds Banking Group, recognising the looming crisis, turned to UpSkill Digital to drive a new Corporate Social Responsibility Programme (CSR) and help them close the gap. The group wanted to ensure local communities are not left behind as technology progresses and digital skills increasingly become a necessity, not an optional extra.


The brief was to help The Lloyds Bank Academy deliver impactful face-to-face and virtual courses to two groups with differing needs: job seekers and local SME and charities. The aim was to help each better understand the ever-evolving digital work environment and equip them with the skills necessary to succeed.

But The Lloyd’s Bank Academy had a problem - they needed support both building and distributing engaging, accessible training to each of the mixed-ability learning groups while remaining empathetic to their challenging situations.

By taking end-to-end control of the project, and applying principles gleaned from training over 300,000 people to date, UpSkill Digital first scoped and planned exactly what both job seekers as individuals and charities as organisations needed to take from the sessions.

Then, with a clear understanding of the problem, UpSkill’s expert trainers built two bespoke educational courses to ensure all training delivered would be both impactful and measurable.

The first course focused on job seekers. While remaining empathetic to their difficult situation, Upskill Digital delivered a range of sessions focused on helping the group better understand the digital skills they need to boost their chances of employment.

The sessions were specifically designed to be both engaging and interactive to compound effective learning. UpSkill also ensured representatives from Lloyds Bank joined the sessions to give job seekers real-life interaction with employers and help boost business and community relationships.

For the SME audience, UpSkill had to solve two problems. First, how to help their businesses survive and thrive during a challenging economic time. Second, how to better collaborate as an organisation when their workforce transitioned to a remote digital working environment due to Covid-19.


By identifying, aligning, and demonstrating which digital skills would benefit each business, UpSkill helped the organisations both plan and implement a mixture of new processes and further training requirements to ensure they flourished in the future.

Since the sessions took place, UpSkill Digital has received a wealth of constructive feedback from many of the job seekers, SME organisations, and even LloydsBanking Group themselves echoing the project's success.

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