Lloyds Bank Academy - Virtual Training

Client name:
Lloyds Bank Group
The Lloyds Bank Academy aims to deliver Digital Skills training in order to close the digital skills gap within the UK. Lloyds Bank Acadamy delivers face to face courses and virtual webinars to job seekers and local charities with the aim of helping to understand the changing digital work landscape and equip these groups with the tools necessary to succeed.


To support the Lloyds Bank Academy, we are asked to created 4 new pieces of content to aid the job seeker and SME audiences.


We took on the end to end management of this project which included content creaton of 4 new sessions, scheduling training the trainer programmes to ensure that we had the best in class trainers and being fully prepared to deliver the content, followed by successfully delivering the content. The content focused on a jobseeker audience which educated them on how to take the next steps in their career and to understand tools which are availible to help them succeed within the digital landscape. Throughout the sessions, participants were able to engage with the content and ask questions to the trainer and moderator throughout. Lloyds Bank representatives also joined the call for 15 minutes following the session to network with the participants which has been very well recieved.


After each session, we have consistently received fantastic feedback from many participants and from our coaches which were shared with the Lloyds Bank Academy. This was echoed by Lloyds Bank Academy representatives who joined sessions and have become advocates of the content we have created.
Feedback scores from participants have been consistently over 4/5.