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Upskill and re-skill your workforce so your employees thrive in the digital age.

Future-proof your business and Help your employees thrive and through the power of engaging, effective workforce upskilling.
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What is workforce upskilling?

Workforce upskilling ensures that your employees are equipped with the tools, skills, knowledge and confidence to thrive in the digital workplace.

The fundamental benefits of your workforce being digitally skilled instills confidence in teams & employees and enables adaptability in the use of the ever changing digital landscape to stay up to speed with your competition. It also brings increased business longevity, reduces operating costs & boost productivity and reduces employee churn for your business.

All aspects of upskilling your workforce is important and that's where UpSkill Digital can help your organisation.

UpSkill Digital specialise in helping organisations boost confidence in and adoption of digital tools and preparing all employees to the equipped to adapt to the ever changing digital landscape.

Whether it’s refreshing existing digital capabilities, learning new technologies and platforms from scratch, or ensuring everybody understands the strategies and design behind integral systems, workforce upskilling will ensure your employees can navigate the digital workplace.

“It has been very productive learning for the team”

Naana Otoo-Oyortey
Executive Director FORWARD UK

Should your business invest in workforce upskilling?

Investing in the digital skills of your workforce isn't optional. It’s essential.

If outdated technology and lack of employee digital skills are holding you back, you need to embrace the future and invest in your most powerful asset: your workforce.

They’ve become more digital, more global, more diverse and more demanding. Along with the accelerated need for digital transformation to meet the growing demands of customers. The need for new skills continues to prevail. Your organisation needs to stay relevant and support your workforce as they adapt.

We can help.

UpSkill Digital can empower your workforce with the knowledge and digital skills to embrace the future of work so they feel more assured in their roles and your business thrives through highly engaged, better-trained teams. 

Through a combination of self-paced digital learning and powerful training delivered by digital experts, we create learning experiences that foster awe and excitement in your employees, boost collaboration and enable you to drive real change across your organisation.

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What are the business benefits?

Business Longevity

Investing in a highly skilled workforce with a solid understanding of digital tools and processes is one of the most effective strategies to protect your business against the inevitable technical changes occurring in your sector. 

It’s a powerful way to ensure technology becomes the servant not master of your organisation allowing you to harness the capability of digital tools to achieve your strategic objectives.

This also increases employee engagement and retention as they feel valued by the business with training that invests in their future.

Reduce operating costs & boost productivity

Technology should be a help not a hindrance to your goals. By ensuring your workforce has the relevant skills and confidence to understand the digital world, you can rethink and adapt your internal tech stack so it better suits your needs. 

With less time wasted due to training gaps, and more productivity gained from better digital efficiency, your business will thrive in a post-pandemic world as more employees feel empowered to grow and deliver.

Reduce employee churn

Recruitment has constantly been proven to be more expensive than retention in the long run (Finances Online). And employee turnover is increasingly becoming a headache for organisations across all industries (Forbes).

Can you afford not to act?
Your workforce is the backbone of your business. If you don’t invest in their digital skills you run the risk of limiting operational efficiency and increasing the rates of employee churn. After all, why would employees want to stay with an organisation where their skills lag behind the industry standard?

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How can we upskill your workforce?

Your situation is unique and needs targeted and tailored support from digital experts.
We have various solutions that are built to adapt to the needs of the business.
We ensure our programs fit into the flow of work, through on-demand digital learning that is accessible anytime, anywhere. But no matter if you need an engaging bespoke digital upskilling experience to suit your individual needs or an off-the-shelf package for a specific popular technology, we can help.

Virtual self-paced learning experience

With recent global events reshaping how entire industries operate, remote and home working has rocketed and coordinating diaries isn’t easy.

Give learners control of their digital skill self-development journey and test their abilities regularly with a range of powerful e-learning options. Designed to teach, test and measure the efficacy of a range of complex digital training experiences, eLearning lets employees learn at their own pace at times to suit them through a multimedia approach, interactive video, infographics, quizzes, and audio.

Instructor-led training

Delivered virtually or in person, our network of experienced instructors provides attendees with expert digital skills guidance and real-time feedback in a supportive environment.

No matter if your team need to be confident in data-driven marketing techniques, support with navigating office and video conferencing software or learning how to analyse bid data, we have the answers

We enable your learners to tackle future-ready concepts that enable them to apply skills back in the workplace. Our live virtual classrooms are a safe place to practise and socially learn with experts and like-minded peers.

Project-based learning

We're able to co-create our programs with your learning teams, bringing in the relevant context of work scenarios to ensure learners are more equipped to apply their skills to their job.

Immersive learning

Thanks to the rapid advancement in technology, digital learning is evolving beyond the restrictions of the 2D screen.

VR and AR solutions provide your learners with the opportunity to simulate real-world scenarios in a controlled environment to develop both confidence and competence.

With a range of impactful immersive training sessions already delivered by our network of experienced trainers, we can ensure your workforce receive a training experience they’ll never forget.

Scale with both local & global reach

Investing in upskilling your workforce is critical if you want to keep pace with the modern world. But you need to ensure any training decisions you make can scale to suit your ambition. 

With organisations like HRA Pharma as satisfied customers, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure your training programmes resonate with your local audience whilst still being able to scale on a national or global level if required.

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5 steps to planning a workforce upskilling strategy

Step 1: Take stock of your skills

Every organisation is different. But most have one thing in common - they often grow in an unplanned disjointed way. As your business scales across departments, cities, countries and continents, both your business and your employee’s digital skills become increasingly disparate as technologies and depts get stitched together.

If this sounds like you, it’s time for a digital skills audit.

Take time to map every section of software and technology across your business. Everything from financial planning databases to social media platforms. Break it down by each dept and grade your employees’ competency on each.

Of course, a mechanical engineer scoring zero on HR software isn’t an existential threat to your business - that isn’t their job. But you’ll be surprised at where you potentially have bottlenecks both team and company-wide. 

Mapping where you need help is the first step to future-proofing your organisation.

Step 2: Digital skills gap analysis 

In an ideal world with budgets and resources in abundance, you could build up your missing skill sets to ensure your organisation runs at maximum capacity.

But as with most business decisions, workforce upskilling is a matter of needs vs wants. Skill silos, such as having only a few employees trained in using complex bespoke software to perform a skilled task, are unlikely to cost your business in the long run. 

Likewise, allocating resources for your employees to learn skills they will never use is equally commercially unviable: skilled mechanical engineers don’t need to know how to use HR, Finance or Sales contact software. 

But these instances will be isolated. Your most effective approach is to address three key aspects: the most widely used technologies across the business; the employees most in need of upskilling, and your growth plans: 

For example, company-wide critical data-sharing platforms usually have a bigger effect on the daily efficiency of your organisation than important but rarely-used financial planning software. But get your financial planning wrong, and it could have a devastating effect on your overall commercial viability. It’s tricky to get right.

But don’t worry. If you need help scoping or planning when, where and how you need to upskill your workforce through engaging impactful training, our digital experts are on hand with proven advice.

Step 3: Strategise 

With your digital skills gap mapped and prioritised, it’s time to decide on how you want to train and test your workforce to ensure they receive useful training that sticks. 

With remote working becoming more prominent across all industries, would your workforce be better served by self-driven training delivered through an online eLearning platform? Or would online instruction direct from an expert through video conferencing software be more effective? 

It may most likely be a comprehensive blend of the above to ensure we're able to drive scale and impact.

There’s no right answer. You need to do what suits your employee and business needs best. But it’s important to remember not all workforce training is suitable across all formats. 

UpSkill Digital learning teams  training experts are always on hand to offer honest, impartial advice, but you need to take both your employees and organisations needs and abilities into account.

“Working with UpSkill Digital has been a really positive experience. They created and tailored a training session on the subject of digital inclusion to the objectives we briefed them on and were incredibly professional to work with.”

Helena Kelsey
SUN Project Leader - Southern Universities Network 

Upskill your workforce today

If you’re serious about future-proofing your organisation against ever-evolving digital technology, UpSkill Digital can help.

No matter what stage you’re at in your workforce upskilling journey, we can advise, guide, build, deliver or scale a suitable training program to suit your needs.

Our network of highly experienced digital experts combined with experience gleaned from delivering powerful digital training programs to a range of global organisations, means you’re in good hands. 

Empower your employees, future-proof your business, and maximise operational efficiency with UpSkill Digital Workforce Upskilling programme, today.